August 2019
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A common use of pipe clamps in woodworking is for edge gluing; several boards being joined edge to edge to produce a wider surface such as a table top or cabinet components. In this case several pipe clamps will be set up on the workbench so that clamping pressure can be applied evenly along the length of the boards being joined.

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For International buyer:Sent Boxed by International Air Post – includes $4. We do not use unauthorized copies of any sort..

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Unless otherwise stated, the picture is not a photograph or print but from an official trade publication or other similar copyrighted media source.00 of Bubble Wrap. This is a great RUSH ALEX LIFESON GIBSON EDS-1275 DOUBLE NECK FRAMED PORTRAIT TRIBUTE. We are happy to answer all your questions!

Shipping and Handling:

For US buyer: Sent Boxed by USPS Priority Post – includes $4. This tribute to Rush will look awesome on your Double Pipe Clamps Manufacturers in China wall!

*Please note that we have upgraded our black frame to a higher quality model with modern multi-bevelled edge design and thicker glass so the frame sent will be different from the one pictured in this ad.

Please ask all questions before bidding if you have any doubts or are not clear on any point. The actual item looks much more vibrant and colorful than the picture in this ad. The pic features a great shot of Alex playing live back in the 70′s and is in excellent condition – frame with glass is in great condition and measures 9.